August 8, 2011

Halloween Preview

     I am so excited to share this post with you!!!! This particular craft has been bouncing around in my head just waiting to come here it finally is-YAY!!
     For this project you will need a few Halloween themed scrapbook pages, glue stick, black paint, wood letters B-O-O, and a paint brush.

First things first…paint your letters black. Your cute scrapbook paper will be on the front of the letter so just make sure to paint the sides, the back, and maybe a little on top. The front looks a little scary but don’t worry, you won’t even know it’s not painted in the end {sweet!!!}

Now you have to pull out the creative juices. I made my letters look a little on the patchwork side and with absolutely no organized design. I like it more a on the random side…but if you want to pattern go ahead…it’s your craft!
Do this to all letters and it will look sort of like this. Each one will turn out different!

The next few steps you are going to be creating a look you want these letters to have...clean 'em up a bit and make 'em unique. Personally, I like things a little rustic and worn. So…what I chose to do was burn the edges and sand the seams of paper. If you decide to burn the edges I suggest using a BBQ lighter—you know the ones that have a long neck—its much safer than a little lighter and you won’t get burned. (Yep, totally learned the hard way on that one, but hey there are always battle wounds when you craft, right!?)

You are basically done  now-if you want to be. I took it a little further…that picture that has been bouncing around my head, yeah, it had something else to it…So I accessorized a little. I added an orange background with a black frame. After putting it all together it looks like this.

I am so excited with how my B-O-O craft has turned out. How would you accessorize this craft? I would love to see what you create!   

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  1. It looks great! This is getting me excited for Halloween! Saw you on Tip Me Tuesday!

  2. Oh ! this puts me in the mood to start on Halloween crafts. Thanks for sharing

  3. So cute, I just love halloween.
    I have a fun any linky goes party that I would love for you to join too! This week linkers could even win a pair of silver earrings just by linking. Hope you will come.

  4. This is SOOOO cute! I love Halloween!

  5. Great Halloween idea! I'm hosting a Halloween link party now through the end of November. Stop by anytime!

    Corie @ Design DNA

  6. Super cute!!! I cant wait to try this out!!

  7. I love this!


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