August 21, 2011

Paper Flowers

I love spring colors…they are so bright and fun and happy! I guess I’m a little behind on the seasonal thing but I saw these scrapbooks papers and just had to make something cute that I could use for spring decoration. I decided to make all sorts of flowers and then attached them to a wreath to make a fun spring wreath!

Here are the items you need to make a spring wrath:
·         Cute scrapbook paper
·         Grapevine wreath (or whatever you want to attach the flowers to)
·         Glue gun
·         Wire
·         Buttons

Cut your scrapbook paper into strips. I varied each width so all my flowers would be different. 

Next you will be making petals that will all attach to make the flower… {Tip: the phrase “less is more” totally applies when using a glue gun}
Here is one petal:

 Here are a few more petals. When putting your flower together just put a little dot of glue on the corner…it keeps things a little less messy.
 After you have your flower put together add buttons.
Now you have a super cute flower that you can use for all sorts of fun projects. I attached my flowers to the wreath using wire and then added little curly strands for a little more embellishment. 

After you are satisfied with the placement of all your flowers it’s time to hang it up and enjoy your super cute spring wreath!!

What kinds of things will you do with paper flowers?


  1. All your stuff looks great! Looks like your having tons of fun. You should come home and be on my enrichment committee, we are trying to get super saturday figured out, lol

  2. Thanks Tyann! I would love to come back and help you would be a blast!!!!!

  3. Well, I just left a comment on your other blog, but I had to come check this one out too. I love your ideas! So cute!


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