December 1, 2011

'Tis the season to believe!

I have a confession...this is not an original idea. I actually saw this in the Deseret Book catalog and now can't find it anywhere. But that's okay. I really didn't want to spend the money on it anyway...I sound so cheap! Yikes! In my defense-if I have everything to make something and I don't have to buy a single thing, I will just make it! Besides, it's definitely tons more fun!

First things first: Gather supplies...paper, wood, tags, Silhouette, wire {not all items are shown...sorry} 
 First paint your board. I painted it black. Now, while the paint is drying, measure your paper so it fits just perfect on your board. My board was a little longer than my 12 inch paper so I had to piece...don't look to close please :)
 This picture shows two steps because I am really terrible at remembering to take pictures...I'm working on it though!!
Cut out your vinyl and stick it on the board. Then distress corners and seams, if you so desire. I sanded all edges and the seam between the red and green and then took a black ink pad around the edges. I really like the way it turned out.
 I skipped a couple step of pictures but you will need to cut the vinyl letters for the BELIEVE. I actually didn't have green vinyl so I just cut my letters out of some green paper and stickerized them!!! I love that machine!
After that I attached the letters to the tags, which I also cut on my Silhouette.
This picture is showing how I attached the tags so they weren't just dangling. I took photo square and put on on the back of each tag.
I wanted the letters to look like they were dangling without them actually dangling {a tad bit confusing} basically I wanted them secure but not perfectly straight...
 Then I just added wire and curled the ends. Easy!!!
 L.O.V.E the way this turned out!!!!!

(sorry, the lighting on these pictures are a little weird...)

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*Update: New pictures...hopefully there aren't any more spelling errors. Ooops!*


  1. i hate to mention it, because this is so dang cute! but is it supposed to be misspelled? good job, though, it's adorable!

  2. haha....thanks for catching that! I'll just have to fix it real quick and update some photos!


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