November 5, 2011

Turkey Time

Happy November!!!!

Now that little crafting itch gets a little more least for me it does. It's time to create yummy recipes for all those holiday gatherings, fabulous decorations to make home feel festive, and plenty of Christmas present to make {hopefully being crafty will help the Christmas budget!} 

Now on to the real reason for the post: 
How to make a cute turkey!
This little turkey of mine is a current favorite. I don't have any power tools, though I really wish I did, so I used my resources...namely foam board. All the supplies you need are:
-Foam board
-Scrapbook paper
{sometimes I get really excited to do a craft and forget to take pictures during the process...
this is one of those times....sorry for the lack of pictures :) }

After you cut out all your cute scrapbook papers, glue them on to the foam board. You will then glue each layer to each other: the colorful feathers, the brown feathers, the body, the feet, and then the beak.
I really like the burnt look so I took my lighter and went around all the edges of the paper to give it just a touch of texture. Add some raffia and now you have a super cute turkey just in time to decorate for Thanksgiving!

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  1. It is so cute and easy! I love the scrapbook paper you used! I know what you mean about getting so excited about the craft, you forget to take pictures along the way. I do it all the time!! Thanks for linking up at Friday Frolic:)

  2. Oh that's adorable. Great use of scrapbook paper, and it actually looks do-able for non-crafters like me. I'll have to try this one.

  3. Awwww...she's adorable! This is one time when a turkey with burnt edges is exactly the right thing!!! Thanks SO much for sharing it at my November "Abundant Thanks" linky party!

  4. This is just as sweet as can be ... I love turkeys and this looks fun and easy. (Christina, I like your burnt edges remark - lol.) Anyways, saw you over at Abundantly Thankful and wanted to pop in - I really like your place ... come visit me anytime as well @


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