November 9, 2011

{Wow Me Wednesday}

I'm so excited for {Wow Me Wednesday}!!! 
This is a new little segment I decided to start mainly for myself....I'm always looking for amazing ideas that inspire creativity. I just love to see something that makes me go "WOW!! I wish I could make that!" So pull up a chair and take a look at what inspired me this week!

This lovely idea comes from { the vintage wren }
I love the idea of putting words in a frame...genius really. The fun part of this idea 
would be changing out the words every once in a while for a quick change!

Today's Fabulous Finds wows me quite often, to be right honest with you! I absolutely adore this crate! 
The amazing thing is that she made it out of...wait for it...paint sticks! I 
love how simple this is and how very versatile it is!  

I love shelves...mainly so I can display everything cute and crafty I find or make on them. Someday soon {hopefully} I will need a corner shelf and found one over at The Idea Room.  
This is a fabulous idea I may just have to try! 

And last, but certainly not least, are the crazy cute pumpkins. Under My Umbrella is a blog after my own heart....lots of wood crafts. I love anything to do with wood and became a huge fan of many of her crafts. These are just a few of the super amazing "Wows" that I love this week....
What have you seen that inspires you?


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